This designs combines two really different ideas. First was to have somethnig for a kids. And the other idea was more complicated. We are going out to promote fencing many times per year and I like to see people who never fence before how they behave whne they get epee in hand and put mask on. Many times happened that person was shy in normal life , but with the mask on, the personality change and I saw energy, passion and sometimes animal under the mask. So from this experience comes the idea to combine fencer and animal. But I am still waiting for some idea how to connect animal and fencing for the adults as well. Any idea?

Lion fencer

Lion Mug


Lion Fencer Towel


Lion Colour Square Pillow


Lion Colour Infant Bodysuit


Lion Colour Hooded Sweatshirt


Lion Color Sweatshirt


Lion Black Square Pillow


Lion Black Infant Bodysuit


Fencing Lion Colour T-Shirt