Born out of a passion for Fencing, Forfencing was amalgamation of a love for the sport, design and functional fashion. In a sea of athletic apparel that has grown identical and generic, we have emerged as a brand that delivers unique and fashionable pieces for anyone of any ages, with abroad spectrum of products, allowing you to fit your fencing obsession in to  every aspect fo your life!

Fast forward to this day, Forfencing continues to build on a significant following among passionate fencers across the globe.


As a brand created and nurtured by fun, fashionable, and fitness loving fencers, each ForFencing item is a reflection of our passions and an embodiment of design wisdom culled from the experiences of the most experienced active individuals.
We utilize innovative products and style technologies that result in stunning pieces perfect for every occasion form towel to cups to hoodies.
Idea of Forfencing was in my head for a long time, because as a professional fencer I am going frequently for fencing competition around the world and I was missing nice, funny and quality t-shirts and products with fencing themes. After few years with this idea in my head I started in 2018 closer cooperation with designers and consulting with them my fencing ideas and dreams about only fencing products. And now we get online and you can see what we prepared and we will not stop with producing our and fencing friends ideas.
Behind the Forfencing.com is me, Jiri Beran, my fencing friends and profesional designers and who  am I ?
First need to say that fencing is my life and my all life passion.

I was born 1982 and start to fence in 1991 and still love to fence until these days. And here are  some more info about me:

  • Professional fencer - Czech national epee team
  • Olympian
  • FIE Fair play award 2017
  • Founder of Forfencing.com design project
  • CEO of 5Mfencing.com online and stone store in Prague
  • Architect , civil engineer
  • Drummer
  • Snowboarder and mountain lover in winter as well as in summer


    I am person who love challenges  in life and person with lots of profession, passion for my family, fencing and everything connected with fencing sport comunity.

    I started with resumption of family fencing company 5Mfencing almost 10 years ago and always thinknig how to put more fencing design in our sport. But after many small attemps during last years specialy with the fencing t-shirt designs, I finaly fully constructed project forfencing.com , where I would like to publish quality and unique designs which will promote our fencing sport worldwide and maybe bring some new fencer to some local club somewhere in the world. It can be amazing dont you think so?


    I will be happy if anyone will have any idea for the fencing design or some interesting fencing story to share will contact me and I will try to procced the ideas make special design for it. Or publish some nice fencing story as well , because my stories are foundations for our unique designs.

    All of our designs have own story, so check the designs to read the full story about it.

    I am sure that you will love our unique and quality fencing designs.

    All designs are made by fencers for fencer and all fencing fans with love and passion.

    And who you can trust more than an FIE fair play award fencer :-) so be sure that if you will have any doubt I will take care of it to be all my customers always satisfied. That is for me one of the most important things as well.

    I am always open for any ideas, comments, design tips. Just let me know on ideas@forfencing.com


    For all Forfencing.com team

    Jiří Beran